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HELLO! My name is Pavel and I am remotely working freelance DI colorist.

I work in DaVinci Resolve, the world’s most advanced color correction software.

I pursue color and the process of color as an art form. My aim is to find the color decision which is right for each particular project. In my background, I finished the 8 year course in art school.

I have an experience in doing color for worldwide projects: Feature films, TV series, Web series, Short films, Fashion and Music videos, Commercials and Corporate videos of different budgets. Started as a DIT on film sets years ago, I have a complete understanding of all production aspects.

I can provide assistance at all stages of your production. If you have issues preparing your project for color - I can guide you step by step, or access your computer remotely and set it up myself.


For the feedback and approvals from clients I use - cloud-based video review and collaboration platform, that provides In-app notes and help streamline the video creation process.

I offer very flexible time schedule and good rate. I charge per hour or whole day 8 HOURS SESSION. First, I need to see the EDIT in order to tell the amount of time I will spend on it. 


If you require color test - feel free to ask me.



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